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Ready to go beyond basics and capture your readers' attention faster than Tigger on a trampoline? The Intermediate Writer’s Toolbox catapults your writing to an advanced level and will have fans asking, “When’s the next book coming out?”

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[FREE] 10+ Tips On Writing "Strong" Female Characters Readers Will Cheer For!

Avoid the cliche, stereotypes, and tired tropes and create a female character even Wonder Woman would be proud of. This FREE PDF will have you writing stronger and more dynamic female characters right away!

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[FREE] How To Write Fear & Shame To Ignite Reader's Emotions

Secondary emotions like fear, shame, anxiety, and rage are layered and complex. Take readers on an emotional journey with your characters that keeps them turning pages and talking to friends.

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Write In Deep POV

Deep POV is a popular writing technique that lets a limited number of characters tell a story in a very personal, immediate, and visceral way. Jumpstart your writing with this technique known for capturing readers by the throat and keeping them turning pages. This is a module in the Deep POV bundle.

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Creating Emotional Impact

This is a module in the Deep POV bundle. Learn knock-out one-two punch techniques to create un-put-downable emotional scenes with depth and authenticity! Learn how emotional impact affects pacing and character arc, and tips for crafting emotions with raw appeal. This technique applies to any genre, because human emotions are universal across time, culture, and social context.

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Creating Character Voice

Each character should sound, think, and express themselves in a unique way that reflects their past, desires, hurts, strengths and weaknesses. Creating unique character voice for each character, for each story, is easier than you think when writing in Deep POV. Buy this course as a stand-alone module or as part of the Deep POV Bundle.

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Tell Me No Lies: Writing Internal Dialogue

This is a module in the Deep POV bundle. Internal Dialogue is one of the most powerful tools used to make Deep POV really leap off the page and engage readers. Tension, motivations and desire, internal conflict, these are all revealed to the reader primarily through internal dialogue.

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Using Facebook To Build Author Platform

Facebook is a great place to find readers and connect with them. Learn what readers are looking for from authors on Facebook, how to improve your organic reach, and use Facebook to turn interested readers into avid fans who buy every book you put out.

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Save With Bundles

Lisa spent years researching, reading, going to conferences and paying for critiques to learn the many aspects required to write Deep POV well. Get all that information in one place with the Deep POV Bundle!

"Thank you Lisa for running this awesome class and for all the lessons, resources, advice and tips. You are a great teacher. I have learned so much about Facebook - I'm a complete newbie to Facebook and it would have taken me ages to figure this stuff out myself! It's been a joy being part of the class"

Cole Vassiliou
Using Facebook To Build Platform

"I now have many new tools for spotting opportunities to rewrite in deep POV and guidelines for doing the rewriting."

Linda Branam
Deep POV Basics

"Taking this class on Deep POV helped me to think about my storyline, my voice and the emotional impact that I want to create. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in writing fiction. Many of these principles can also be applied to non-fiction, too. Thanks, Lisa. I would take another on-line class with you in a heart beat!"

Glynis Belec
Deep POV Basics

"Because of your teaching, I can more readily recognize POV issues in my own work and in my clients'. Thank you!"

Stephanie Nickel
Deep POV Bundle

"This class has changed my writing style, and I feel like my characters are stronger for it."

Cheryl Ford
Deep POV Bundle


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